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A Shoebox Project Adding Community
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Inspired, first and foremost, by the amazing shoebox_project, as well as the many adding communities here on LJ. The purpose of this is for the thousands of Shoebox fans that share common interests to make friends.

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Co-moderation privaleges, if the person wishes, will be given as rewards for helping the community. (i.e. making icons, buttons, layouts, etc.)

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1) No bashing other members for what they put in their application. If you don't like what you see, simply don't add that person.

2) If you're going to add someone, or want them to add you, please make sure that you're going to comment. Don't join just to make your friends list bigger.

3) No one under 13. That's an LJ rule. Please follow it.

4) If you want to pimp a community, don't overdo it. And please make sure it is either Marauder- or Shoebox-related.

5) This is a friending community. We already have one common interest, so run with it! Have fun!

6) You can post your application more than once. Just please wait a day or two before posting again.

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This is the application that will help people find out who you are! And remember: LJ-cuts are your friends! <*lj-cut*>ENTER TEXT<*/*lj-cut*> (Just remove the stars.)

Personal Information:

How did you discover Shoebox?
Who is your favorite character?
Favorite chapter/scene/moment:
Favorite quote:

Outside of Shoebox:
Other interests:
Anything else you would like us to know?

Also: If you have been stamped at _believencommas, please include which character you were stamped at and/or the links to your applications. Thanks!

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Please contact nixipixi if you would like to be added to this list!

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