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06 January 2006 @ 12:27 am

Personal Information:
Name: Linzie
Age: 17
Location: Manchester, England
Gender: F

How did you discover Shoebox?
During a Remus/Sirius spree over the Christmas holidays, I was eating up as many fics as I could get ahold of in the short amount of time and Shoebox slowed me down because of how much I actually got into it.
Who is your favorite character?
Aside from Remus and Sirius? Fabian and Gideon are amazing and I love the McGonagall in this, I certainly wouldn’t be able to deal with Sirius Black and his charm
Favorite chapter/scene/moment:
The Potter’s funeral, that just made me cry, the Career counseling because Sirius needs to be locked up
Favorite quote:
"Sirius, please stop putting jam in my hair and let me write this.”

Outside of Shoebox:
Bon Jovi and my new favourite Panic! At the Disco who are amazing.
Noodles, chocolate, cigarettes, sex and coffee, speaking French badly, Stage Beauty
Being mopey, funny I do it a lot, when my fingers won’t crack
Other interests:
MySpace! I love it! Go look at mine! www.myspace.com/miserybecomes

Anything else you would like us to know?
Sarcasm may be a problem. I may be a tiny little bit obsessed, but you shouldn’t worry about it. Oof, and I have been on [info]_believencommas and have had one stamp as Remus, so hurrah!