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19 December 2005 @ 07:00 pm
Look. A Dumbledore.  

 Personal Information:

 Name: Marrissa Isabella Long. Not really, but you can call me that. Or Cherries Jubilee

Age: 14

 Location: East Texas

Gender: Female



How did you discover Shoebox?  From The Dancing Dove, one of the members had the 'I do believe in commas, I do, I do.' in her siggy with a link to SBP.

 Who is your favorite character? Remus and Lily. Inter-changable.

 Favorite chapter/scene/moment: Right now, its....The part on the roof, with the "My coco doesn't taste like camera."

Favorite quote:  "Funnification IS NOT A WORD, MOONY!!!! Lack of structured education has made you go soft!!!! O! How the mighty have fallen!"


 Outside of Shoebox:

Music: Everything from a very few rap songs to Enya, LotR, Madagacar, Gwen S, Josh Groban and Wicked. <3

 Likes: B-way, shorting things, dolling, costumes, dresses, silk velvet, silk, humor, good writers, singing, candles, commas, icons, cats, Wicked,  annoing people, anti-chat speech,  blogs, british spellings, catnip, cheese, commas, costumes, dolling, dressesfell beasts, grammer, Harry/Ginny, hector, Hr/R, iPods, Kingsly Shalcklebolt, Lily Potter, Lothiriel, LotR icons, Lupin/Tonks, magik, making brushes, making icons, Medium, Middle-Earth, Mists of Avalon, Moony, naguls, nuzguls, oboe, Oz, Padfoot, painting images, penguins Prince Imreil, reading, red hair, Remus, Salam Witches Instatute,  sewing, the colour urple, the computer, writing,

 Dislikes: Dogs, chickens, close-mindedness, my mum, Texas weather, cold, heat, Orlando Bloom,

Other interests: Band, choir, Drama. Most everythings either up there or in my Interests list.

 Anything else you would like us to know? Intro at the Cult.     I'm a James.   I'm also rather shy, until you get to know me. Then I'm crazy. And how do you get rid of those blue words up there?


Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: Light My Candle- RENT
nixipixi on December 20th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
No idea about the blue words. LoL. Usually I'd put all of the things we have in common in a list with little hearts next to it, but there are waaaay too many! Hehe.

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